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Naturalization Services

We are committed to helping lawful permanent residents (LPRs) navigate the complex journey to becoming U.S. citizens. The demand for naturalization application services among the LPR population served by VACA is significant. With a thriving Vietnamese population in Boston, there is a clear need for assistance in navigating the naturalization process.

The Need for Naturalization Application Services

Our unique focus on mock interview practice sets us apart and addresses a specific need in the community. By providing targeted coaching and support for the interview process, we aim to enhance applicants’ chances of success in their naturalization journey. Our extensive experience is evident through the number of N400 applications we receive each month. While there might be other service providers in the area, our distinct focus on mock interview practice helps applicants stand out and excel during the interview process.

Components of Our Citizenship Instruction Services:

Attainable Goals
Our plan is to use grant funding to provide mock interview practice for clients, ensuring their successful attainment of citizenship. While we currently offer robust support to applicants taking the civic test in Vietnamese, our resources limit us to assisting applicants with interviews conducted in English. To bridge this gap, we plan to implement individual and group mock interview coaching sessions. These sessions will help applicants practice interviews with instructors, receive valuable feedback, and become familiar with interview questions and expectations.
Our Curriculum & Learning Objectives
Our curriculum is exactly as per USCIS guidelines and is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the naturalization process successfully. From eligibility assessment to interview preparation, our units cover a range of topics, ensuring participants are well-prepared for every step of the journey. The learning objectives of our neutralization program are as follows:

Enhancing Skills for Success

We acknowledge the challenge of limited English proficiency and the importance of mock interviews in preparing applicants. While English conversation classes and English for citizenship attainment improve language skills, they lack specific interview techniques. Our mock interview coaching sessions will address this gap, helping applicants develop interview skills, boost confidence, and enhance their chances of success.


Expanding Reach and Impact

VACA aims to serve a larger number of participants, leveraging our strong track record of comprehensive support for the citizenship application process. While our goal is to serve at least 200 persons per year, the exact number will depend on the allocated funds. We are committed to exceeding set goals and maximizing the impact of the grant by providing much-needed assistance to eligible individuals.


Explore Our Citizenship Instruction Services

Our program administration includes a coordinated outreach effort to raise awareness, transparent intake procedures to ensure lawful permanent residents receive services, and a contingency plan for virtual or hybrid services. We are dedicated to providing seamless assistance while adapting to changing circumstances. At VACA, we are dedicated to empowering Vietnamese immigrants on their journey to becoming proud US citizens. Our comprehensive citizenship instruction services are designed to provide the support and guidance you need throughout the process.


At VACA, we’re committed to your success in obtaining US citizenship. Our instruction services encompass every aspect of the journey, from application to interview, ensuring you’re well-prepared and supported at every step. Join us in realizing your dream of becoming a US citizen.

Our Team
Our team is led by Ms. Thuan Tran, our dedicated Associate Director, who is at the forefront of implementing the grant, ensuring that project goals are met with precision. With a comprehensive background in managing and overseeing social programs, especially in development programs aimed at disadvantaged groups, she brings a wealth of experience to the table. Armed with a Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development, Thuan’s five-year journey as a Paralegal Professional, including training on N400 and N600 applications, has honed her expertise in immigration law. Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, she completed intensive courses on immigration topics with CLINIC, further enhancing her comprehensive knowledge in immigration and social services. Our dedicated team includes experienced professionals who are experts in immigration law, education, and program management. From attorneys to community outreach staff, each member plays a crucial role in delivering effective and efficient naturalization application services. At VACA, we are passionate about helping individuals achieve their citizenship goals. Through our comprehensive support, mock interview coaching, and dedication to excellence, we are committed to making the naturalization process smoother and more successful for our community.

Join Our Empowering Community

Our faculty members, with their expertise and dedication, are the backbone of our efforts to promote self-advocacy, civic involvement, and successful integration within the Vietnamese American community. If you’re looking for expert guidance, compassionate support, and the opportunity to be part of a transformative journey, VACA is here for you.

Investing in VACA to help Vietnamese refugees and immigrants

Every month, hundreds of low income Vietnamese are turned way because we do not have resources to help

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