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Direct Social and Immigration services

We recognize that for refugees and immigrants, the resettlement process is stressful and difficult. Refugees and immigrants cope with multiple issues simultaneously: adjusting to a new country and culture, learning a new language, obtaining employment, as well as handling a myriad of immediate issues including securing safe and affordable housing, educational services, child care, and health care. All these challenges are made even more difficult to overcome by a lack of English language skills. VACA thus offers assistance to these individuals in identifying and meeting their most basic and pressing needs.


Direct social services is core to VACA, and provides counseling and case management, outreach, and referral services to help community members attain safe and stable housing, quality health care coverage and enrollments in various entitlement programs. Once these primary issues have been addressed, community members enjoy a level of stability that enables them to take the next steps.

Via culturally and linguistically appropriate social services, VACA helps refugees and immigrants access resources that are essential to survival. Building refugees’ socioeconomic stability helps them integrate into the broader community fabric.

Social Direct services


Translation of civic documents (e.g. birth, death, marriage certificates) from Vietnamese to English and vice versa.


Assistance with social security and welfare applications: Food stamps/SNAP, fuel assistance, disability assistance, etc.

Immigration services

Renewal of permanent resident status, removal of conditional green card, petition for family member and citizenship application.

Local Services

Referrals to local agencies helping with other services that are not available at VACA.

Investing in VACA to help Vietnamese refugees and immigrants

Every month, hundreds of low income Vietnamese are turned way because we do not have resources to help

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