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At VACA, we recognize the critical importance of providing comprehensive support to at-risk youth, ensuring their safety, well-being, and successful transition to a brighter future. Our Youth Direct Services program is dedicated to offering a safety net and support system that shields vulnerable youth from dangerous situations, empowering them to overcome challenges and thrive.

Objective: Protecting At-Risk Youth through Case Management and Direct Services

Our primary objective is clear – to protect and empower at-risk youth by addressing their immediate needs and fostering their long-term growth. We believe that through dedicated case management and a range of direct services, we can create a positive impact that transforms lives.

Rationale: Nurturing a Safety Net and Support System

The world can be a challenging place for at-risk youth, with circumstances that may place them in vulnerable positions. Our rationale is founded on the principle of offering a safety net – a network of support and resources that prevent them from falling into dangerous situations. By providing a nurturing environment, we empower these young individuals to overcome adversity and emerge stronger.

Join Us in Making a Difference
  • Support our program through donations that directly impact the lives of at-risk youth.
  • Volunteer your time and expertise to mentor and guide these young individuals towards a brighter future.
  • Advocate for our mission by spreading awareness about the importance of offering a safety net to vulnerable youth.
Together, we can create a world where every young person has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Welcome to Youth Direct Services at VACA – where protection, empowerment, and transformation converge.


At VACA, we understand the challenges that our community’s youth face in the midst of rising gun violence. Our mission is clear: to break the cycle of violence by addressing the root causes and providing comprehensive solutions that empower youth and families. With your support and involvement, we can create a safer environment where our young people thrive and grow into responsible adults.

Understanding the Issue: Gun violence among youth in the Dorchester area is a pressing concern. Our community grapples with impoverished families, disadvantaged neighborhoods, and an underperforming school system. These factors contribute to a distressing environment for our youth, endangering their healthy development and future prospects. In many cases, Vietnamese families, as second-generation refugees, face unique challenges due to language barriers, limited job skills, and cultural conflicts that strain parent-child relationships.

Our Multi-Faceted Approach: VACA is committed to addressing these issues head-on through our comprehensive Youth Violence Protection program. Our strategy involves equipping youth and families with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to break free from the cycle of violence. Our program has four main goals:

Goal 1: Promoting Positive Experiences

We aim to redirect youth from high-risk behaviors toward positive experiences that foster personal and academic growth. By keeping youth engaged in productive activities and supportive communities, we deter them from gang involvement and criminal behavior.

Goal 2: Empowering Self-Esteem and Preventing Gang Involvement

Our focus is on nurturing positive self-esteem, empowerment, and self-respect among youth. We strive to prevent gang-related activities and high-risk behaviors through counseling, summer internships, academic assistance, and sports activities. Through our Peer Leadership Program, we inspire youth to become role models within their community.

Goal 3: Educating Youth and Parents Educating is empowering.

We intend to educate 150 youth participants on gang involvement, gang violence, and disassociation techniques. Additionally, we will educate 100 parents on recognizing and addressing nascent problems related to gang issues. Workshops, outreach programs, and collaborative efforts with the Police Department will equip both youth and parents with essential knowledge.

Goal 4: Community Engagement and Awareness

A strong community stands against violence. Through workshops conducted by VACA and the Police Department, we aim to inform and empower the Vietnamese community in Dorchester regarding violence and gang-related issues. By fostering dialogue and awareness, we create a united front against violence.

Your Role

As a supporter of VACA, you play a vital role in shaping a safer and more prosperous future for our youth. Your contributions enable us to provide counseling, education, mentorship, and community engagement activities that are crucial to breaking the cycle of violence. Together, we can create a positive impact and inspire change.

Join us in our mission to empower youth, strengthen families, and build a community free from the grip of violence. Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for a brighter future.

Get Involved

  • Support our programs through donations and sponsorships.
  • Volunteer your time and skills to mentor and guide our youth.
  • Attend our workshops and community events to stay informed and engaged.
  • Spread awareness about our mission and the importance of breaking the cycle of violence.

At VACA, we believe in the power of unity and education. Let’s work together to transform lives and create a safer, more vibrant community for our youth.

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Thao Nhi – a newly arrived youth registers for youth program and internship at VACA’s office
Kevin, a student from France doing internship at VACA office

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